Electrocoating or E-coating is an electrically applied coating used to epoxy paint onto the surface of any metal part. It is economical and provides superior coverage, adhesion and corrosion resistance. E-coating coats zinc, aluminum, brass and steel; any metal that conducts electricity.

There are four parts to the e-coat process;

  1. Pretreatment
  2. E-coat bath
  3. Post Rinses
  4. Oven Curing

Parts to be e-coated are hung onto special metal fixtures or hooks are conveyed through an 9 stage pre-treatment cleaning & zinc phosphate process. The parts are then immersed in an electrically charged water-based epoxy paint solution, rinsed and sent into a curing oven. This process results in a highly protective and durable paint finish.

The very nature of the E-coating process tends to produce a complete and uniform coat on even the most complex shaped parts! E-Coat has the property of coating all surfaces that come in contact with the solution. It is ideally suited for coating assemblies with recesses and raised surfaces. All surfaces will receive the same coating thickness. The uniformity of the coating overcomes many problems that users find with conventional coatings, such as the build-up on threads which then requires post-coating operations.

Performance & Quality

  1. 100% coverage of Complex Parts

  2. Uniform film thickness

  3. Benchmark corrosion protection

  4. Superior edge coverage

  5. Single coat application with the option of a seconf coat of powder coat or liquid top coat paint to optimize performance

  6. Product and process consistency

  7. Compatible with other coating technologies

Along with performance and quality, e-coating provides environmental advantages and productivity and operational cost savings.